What we Offer

Better Customer Service

Our friendly customer services team who process many years of paint industry experience are always on hand to offer expert advice and guidance on the right products for your project.

Quality Service

Our aim is to always provide better service to customer, this is done by always having someone on hand to answer questions and give advice by phone or email.


Dealers of general Decorating paints, Waterproofing paints, Varnish paints, Roofing paints, Whether guard paints, Skim cote and Wall potty.

Visit Today

Come in and experience the difference shopping at an independently-owned store makes. See for yourself how personalized service and premium products truly matter.

Awesome Look

United Paint Center is assembled from a team of people, all of whom have backgrounds in the paint or decorating industry. We believe we have an unrivalled wealth of knowledge of the products we sell

Latest Designs

What can be expected is the unexpected. Just like life. Overall colors tend to be in very high or low contrast, with an unusual blend of saturation and colors. The overall mood exudes a sense of nostalgia that brings us back to our good old days.

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